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About Lucille

Lucille's first novel, Like Wine, was a tribute to her mother, and getting it into print before she passed was her goal. She considers Elizabeth's Mountain, winner of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award and Readers' Favorite Award, to be her true debut novel. Elizabeth's Mountain was also a finalist in the 2024 American Writing Award contest for the elite Hawthorne Prize.

Lucille loves stories that lift her up and gratify her. Taking little pieces of characters and sometimes seeing herself in them is one of her favorite feelings. An avid reader of most genres, the only thing Lucille likes more than delving and escaping into a good book is visiting noteworthy locations. Her most recent escapade road trips took her to Asheville, NC, Charleston, SC, and the Grand Canyon! And an international trip of a lifetime – Venice, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast.

Lucille has lived most of her life in northern New Jersey and now lives in South Carolina with her husband, and close to her two daughters and grandchildren. 


Awards & Accolades

Elizabeth's Mountain | Finalist for the 2024 Hawthorne Prize

Elizabeth's Mountain | Literary Titan Gold Book Award

Elizabeth's Mountain | Readers' Favorite 5 Star Award

Lunch Tales: Suellen | Grand Prize Winner in A Woman's Write 2023 Novel Competition

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